Thrilling Royalty free Music.

Suspense Music


Halloween Spooky Choir

14 seconds198 bpm

Haunting Piano

22 seconds198 bpm

Halloween Retro Theme

20 seconds167 bpm

Extraterrestrial Wasteland

171 seconds183 bpm

Weeping Voices

96 seconds166 bpm

The Chills

75 seconds189 bpm

With Suspicion

100 seconds162 bpm

Sheriff Track

72 seconds80 bpm

Midnight Reading

84 seconds196 bpm

Search for Truth (Low Intensity)

171 seconds195 bpm

Search for the Truth (Cinematic)

132 seconds195 bpm

The Future is Bleak

144 seconds164 bpm

The Future is Bleak (trimmed)

58 seconds171 bpm

Mind Bend

43 seconds154 bpm

Night Terror

35 seconds195 bpm

In the Shadows

63 seconds196 bpm

Final Dark Walk Back

64 seconds174 bpm

Eye of the Undead

27 seconds157 bpm

Clustered Mind

93 seconds183 bpm

No Way Out

131 seconds182 bpm


100 seconds175 bpm


75 seconds175 bpm

Shady Dealings

54 seconds173 bpm

Eye of the Undead

27 seconds157 bpm

Night Stalker

27 seconds159 bpm

Not a Happy Ending

113 seconds80 bpm

Meeting The Devil

66 seconds160 bpm

You Know Who I Am

141 seconds160 bpm

Forebode (short)

38 seconds180 bpm

The Hotel Room

82 seconds192 bpm

The Body

90 seconds181 bpm